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Hi! I'm Dr. Amy

Live life BETTER

Everyone wants to be happy, but most people (including psychologists) never find lasting happiness.

After years of studying, trying society's ways, and sifting through mounds of nonsense, I realized the path to true happiness has two basic parts:

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Me by the numbers




Pat and I met on New Year’s Eve (in a bar, of all places) and fell in love instantly. Yes, instantly. He told me he loved me ten days after our first date! (I replied that I did, too.) The rest, as they say, is history.





Nothing (seriously, nothing) gives me joy like these two tiny human beings. They changed my world completely and are my inspiration to live a  better life. Miracles I’ll never, ever deserve.




My degrees are:
  • BS in Psychology
  • MA in Community Counseling
  • PhD in Counseling Psychology 




After years of studying personality type (discovered by Dr. Carl Jung and further developed by Dr. John Beebe), I created a simpler way to understand the eight aspects of our personality. 


Personality Type

I like psychology, but I love personality type. What's better than understanding why you do what you do, or why you're so different from your spouse?

Most of what's out there about personality type is NOT TRUE! Personality tests, articles, blogs and books everywhere are filled with WRONG information. It drives me crazy knowing how many people are being fooled! I've spent almost two decades studying the depths of personality type, and my passion is sharing its brilliant secrets.

Personality type is complex, which makes sense. After all, people are complex! So I took Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung's complicated theory, which Dr. John Beebe brilliantly expanded upon, and simplified it into the 8 COLORS.




Nothing beats motherhood

I've had a few name changes - from Miss to Mrs. to Dr. . . . but none was as life changing or as rewarding as Mom.

The best thing I did? I got pregnant (on purpose!) with my second child when my first child was only 7 months old. That means they're about 16 months apart. Yes, life was very crazy for a few years, especially since our daughter wasn't walking yet when our son was born. I definitely wasn't expecting to be carrying around two babies at the same time! But that soon ended and before I knew it they were the best of friends. We get comments all the time from people who can't believe their tight bond.

My biggest regret? Not having kids sooner and not having a bunch of them. If there was one thing I could tell every 20-year-old woman, it's "Don't wait. Find someone to marry, start a family, and begin living the best life you've ever known." Society tells us kids are an expensive nuisance. Actually, society does everything it can to make it that way. In reality, children can give you a sustaining happiness and love like nothing else in this entire world.


Complete opposites

He's extraverted; I'm introverted. His two preferred 8 COLORS are Red and Violet; mine are Plum and Blue. His hobbies are fitness and sports; mine are decorating and music. Do I wish he was more like me? Absolutely not. We are exactly what each other needs. Apart we are less than mediocre - lost, wandering from the path and a bit of a mess. Together, we somehow get better and better.

Truly honest

We don't try to keep the peace or be nice to avoid an argument. We tell each other the truth no matter how hard it is to hear (or say).

The best and nothing less

One of our biggest pet peeves is seeing couples that don't demand the best out of each other. I consider it my job to notice when he's missing the mark or not reaching his potential. I could silently watch him self-destruct, or even just be the same person he's always been, year after year. (I see so many couples do that!) But I'd lose sleep at night. Just like every person on this planet, he's capable of greatness and I'll do whatever I can to help him achieve it. If he hates me now and then because I make life tough for him, I'm okay with that. He'll thank me in the end.